Mr.Amjad Farooqi

Dear Students / Parents

It is a matter of great satisfaction for me that the top management of CFE is highly educated, thoroughly professional, truly educationists, and above all, inspiring human beings.

From my 25 years of experience in education, I can safely conclude that the last decade of education in Pakistan has produced hollow institutions, that in result, have spoiled the true spirit of education. The unfortunate change from qualitative education to quantitative education has given birth to money-making machines (institutes) which are highly commercialized and devoid of moral and ethical values. We have to take u-turn to raise our nation on new standards of education.

Believe me, CFE is a MISSION-BASED Institution.

Being fully aware of this fact, CFE management sets its direction with a definite vision and established a ‘Tradition Based Institution’ having its own unmatched standards and values.

I am confident that CFEites are not only excellent professionals but also valuable assets of the nation. I am proud of all CFEites and CFE is my pride.