• Intermediate from any recognized Board, A-Level or Equivalent Or 12 years of education

Punjab University Fee Structure 

Fee Structure (Part-I & Part-II)
Title Regular Students Late College Students Private Students
B.Com Part I & II Rs. 4,000/- Rs. 4,100/- Rs. 4,700/-


Examination Structure 

Part – I
Subjects Marks
Business Mathematics and Statistics 100
Computer Application in Business 100
Economics 100
Financial Accounting 100
Money, Banking and Finance 100
Functional English 100
Islamic Studies 60
Total 760
Part – II
Subjects Marks
Advanced Financial Accounting 100
Auditing 100
BCRW 100
Business Law 100
Business Taxation 100
Cost Accounting 100
Economics of Pakistan 100
Pakistan Studies 40
Total 740


Punjab University Important Dates

Sr. No. Category Dates
1 Registration Date 02-10-2013 – 11-10-2013
2 Late Registration Date 12-10-2013 – 26-10-2013
3 Further Late Registration Date 28-10-2013 – 11-11-2013
4 Last Registration Date 12-11-2013 – 11-12-2013
5 B.Com. Part-I, Annual Examination, 2014 06-06-2014
6 B.Com. Part-II, Annual Examination, 2011 07-06-2014
The Admission Forms & Fee for both the examinations will be received as follows:
1 With Single Fee: 01-03-2014 Rs 4,000
2 With Double Fee: 13-03-2014 Rs 8,000


CFE's Affiliation

CFE is affiliated with Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan


Tuition Fee

Fee Structure Rs.
Admission Fee 8,000
Tuition Fee 72,000
Miscellaneous 17,000
Total 97,000

Financial Assistance

  • The financial assistance approved will be applicable for the current session only. If a student wishes to apply for the next session, a new application along with new enclosure will be required and complete procedure to be followed.
  • The financial assistance approved in previous qualification will not be carry forward. The new application will be assessed again.

Admission Procedure

  • A Financial Assistance Form should be obtained from the Admissions office and submitted to the Incharge Admissions along with all required documents
  • Students will be interviewed by Incharge Admissions, evaluated by him and then recommended to the Principal for Financial Assistance
  • Principal will approve the Financial Assistance as per policies of the Institute and keeping in view the budget of donations
  • All applications will be processed within one week of submission
  • The financial assistance approved will be applicable for the current session only. If a student wishes to apply for the next session, a new application along with new enclosures will be required and the complete procedure will be followed

The financial assistance approved in previous qualification will not be carried forward. A new application will need to be assessed again.


  • Car for 1st Position – holder in PU exam
  • Motor Bike for 2nd & 3rd Position – holders in PU exam


Matriculation Students (taking admission in Intermediate)

Marks Obtained Scholarships
(%age of Tuition Fee)
85% and above 100% *Scholarship
80% - 84% 50% *Scholarship
75% - 79% 40% *Scholarship


General Category

Category Scholarship
Kinship** 50%
Govt. Employees & Teacher's Child 40%
Student domiciled and resident outside Lahore 40%
Hafiz-e-Quran 40%
Orphan 40%

*Scholarship does not include exam fees
**Kinship scholarships apply to all existing and passed-out CFEites


  • Scholarships are also available to siblings and passed out students of CFE Group of Colleges
  • Students with ‘Failure’ in one subject can get admissions on provisional basis
  • No refund of fee in case of failure in Supplementary Examinations
  • Scholarships are only for the fresh students

Documentation required at the time of admission.

  • 3 Copies of last passed examinations
  • 1 Character Certificate for Regular Students
  • 3 Copies of Father's/ Mother's CNIC
  • 4 passport Size Pictures
  • 1 Copy of NOC (Students from outside Lahore)



Paper Name Qualification Teaching Experience Email
Accounting Prof. Adnan Sadiq M.Com (Finance) 11 adnan.sadiq@cfe.edu.pk
English Prof. Haroon Kashif M.A English 5 haroon@cfe.edu.pk
Prof. Shumyla Akram M.A English 8 shumyla.akram@cfe.edu.pk
Urdu Prof. Hafiz Umer Farooq M.Phil Urdu, M.A Arabic, M.A Islamiat 6 umar.farooq@cfe.edu.pk
Business Mathematics Prof. Faisal Mughal MBA 6 faisal.mughal@cfe.edu.pk
Introduction to Business Prof. Imran Mamood M.Com 10 imran.mehmood@cfe.edu.pk
Economics Prof. Izhar Akram M.Phil (Cont.) 5 izhar.akram@cfe.edu.pk
Accounting Prof. Ghulam Jillani M.Com (Finance) 8 ghulam.jillani@cfe.edu.pk
Islamiat Prof. Usman Mansha M.A Islamic Studies 8 usman.mansha@cfe.edu.pk
Money Banking and Finance Prof. Faheem Shaheen M.Com (Accounting) 8
Computer Prof. Zulfiqar Ahmad MCS 11 zulfiqar.ahmed@cfe.edu.pk
Business Statistics Prof. Muhammad Mudasser Malik MBA 8 mubashir@cfe.edu.pk



  • Out-of-Class academic support to weak students
  • Make-up classes for those who have missed out the regular class
  • Additional practice session, especially for numerical subjects

Admission Rules 

  • College can refuse, vary, reverse or terminate any enrolment on the basis of untrue, misleading or incomplete information.
  • Reviewing and interpreting policies for better academic discipline by the College authority is not challengeable. No prior notice is obligatory.
  • To accommodate modern trends College authorities have complete right to change the course requirement, fee, course nomenclature, course content , class schedules, venue, faculty, etc. any time.
  • In case of any change in my mailing address, student shall immediately inform the College Office.
  • 80% attendance and 60% marks are a must in the previous year/ for continuing fee concession/ scholarship in the next year. For this purpose, a fresh application shall be submitted.
  • Any student aggrieved by any event in the College shall lodge a complaint with the Principal/ Registrar and not with outside authority unless the Principal/ Registrar permits him/ her to do so.
  • The college has the right to withdraw scholarships/ discount and any other fee concession provided to the students subject to his non-compliance with prescribed stipulation.
  • In case of failure in send-up examination/ poor attendance/ dues default, student shall be treated as ineligible to apply/ appear for Board/ University/ College Examination.
  • (Students shall attend classes regularly as required by the institution as well as by the Board regulations.
  • The registration/ admission fees of Board and University shall be paid by the students.
  • All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable Student shall apply for admission with the consent of my parents/ guardians.
  • If admitted, student shall abide by the rules and regulations of the College