Foreign Education Consultancy

MERAJ International (MI) is a sole professional partner of CFE to support Students for International studies and Higher Education. MI is Certified British Council Trained Education Agent and listed in British Council Global Agent List.

  • We offer free evaluation services to CFE Students and arrange free of cost Student Selection Interviews in the world renowned Universities including Australia, UK, Canada, Malaysia, Cyprus, New Zealand and U.S.A
  • MI works closely with CFE students to get their maximum courses exempted, visa requirements and interview preparation
  • We are specialized in English test preparation. We are a partner of Pearson, British Council IELTS and City & Guilds

MI has been serving and helping students since 2006 in the education industry complying with international standards. MI is recognized and an approved agent of many world renowned organizations including; British Council, Pearson for English Coaching Center, British Council for IELTS, City & Guilds Centre for Qualification for IESOL & ISESOL.
MI’s best serving tool is integrity and honesty. Our core focus and competency is on providing best possible suggestion with multiple options destination wise to the students and we help them to make decisions and select their next destination according to student's circumstances.
Our message to our all partner organizations, institutions, and students is; Transparency, Accountability and High Quality Performance.
Following are our services:

  • Exclusive marketing for institutions all over the world to promote
  • Selecting the most suitable course & institution
  • Guiding students about eligibility and courses
  • Managing the application process from start till the end
  • Guidance about visa files preparation & application management
  • Assistance in finding accommodation.


Most organizations across the world have realized that in a rapidly changing business environment, it is increasingly difficult to keep up and stay advanced. Realizing this concern, companies have designed and developed ERP software, which offers an integrated software solution to all the functional processes in an organization. There are many different flavors of ERP that serve businesses’ varying procedure types.
CFE has always been active in personal and professional development of members and students through technical seminars, conferences and workshops. To materialize the same objective, CFE has been offering Training Programs in ERP Oracle Financial to the Professionals for the past 3 years


CFE has very successfully worked in partnership with an Accountancy College in Mauritius for a period 2011-2013. The newly established institute in 2011 became a leading college of Mauritius for ACCA and CFA courses by the end of 2013. This all happened due to strong management input provided in the shape of consultancy and quality lecturers trained and seconded from Pakistan.
With the help of its strong faculty team, CFE has delivered fast track revision courses for ACCA and CFA programmes as well as CPD training for Accounting and Finance Professionals.
CFE has now launched a new college with the name of Financial Excellence Business School in collaboration with its Mauritian partner.


Our Alumni are working in Pakistan and abroad in:

  • Banks
  • Big-four Audit firms of the world
  • Multinational companies
  • Renowned local companies
  • Government sector

At managerial positions earning handsome salaries

Placement of Students in Foreign Companies

CFE students are prepared and groomed in such a way that helps them get good jobs. Guidance is provided on:

  • Effective job hunting
  • Resume preparation
  • Interview tips
  • Presentation skills

CFE has a network of Alumni and Professionals in Pakistan and around the globe (especially Middle East and UK) from where we receive 'Job Opportunities.'

We put advertisements on our Website and Facebook page and shortlist candidates to be forwarded to prospective employees. Besides that, we have also subscribed to various HR Forums/ Job sites from where we receive 'Job Alerts' for our students and Alumni.

Our Alumni

Our Alumni are working at managerial positions earning handsome salaries in Pakistan and abroad in:

  • Banks
  • Big-four Audit firms of the world
  • Multinational companies
  • Renowned local companies
  • Government sector