College of Commerce & Science

Institute of Management Sciences


Fee Structure

Registration and Subscription Fees
The following fees apply from 9 November 2013 onwards (and are subject to change without written notice):

ACCA/ Foundation Level Qualifications
Initial registration £79
Annual subscription £81
Re-registration fee £79*
*plus unpaid fee(s)

Exam Entry
Once you have become an ACCA student and have started studying, the next step will be to register for your exams. Or if you have already decided when you want to start taking examinations, you can enter for them at the same time as you apply online to become a student.
Entering for examinations online is quick and convenient. You will receive instant confirmation that you have been entered for the examinations, saving you valuable time to do more important things - like studying for them!

Please note the following:

If you're still not sure entering for an examination online is the way to go and you complete the paper-based exam entry form, this must be received at ACCA's examinations department in the UK by the specified standard closing dates above. Please remember to allow time for postal delivery.